Sunday, April 27, 2014

14KT Gold & Ivory Floral Centerpiece

Just recently, I was asked to make a floral arrangement for a friends booth at the Hawaii Wedding Expo! (How exciting, right?) 

The colors she requested were:
1. Ivory
2. Gold 

And from there, I had no other rules. She basically let me make something I wanted to make and trusted me to provide something beautiful.


White Hydrangea
Ivory Double Stock
Scabiosa Pods
Mini Ivy
Ivory Garden Roses
Assorted Succulents
Cedar Roses
Curly Willow Twigs
Magnolia Leaves
Faux Ivory Pearls
Design Master Spray Paint in 14kt Gold

(Click to enlarge)

I used the 14kt Gold Spray paint on the Succulents, Cedar Roses, Curly Willow, Magnolia Leaves and the pillar in which the arrangement sat upon. Against the Ivory, the gold elements really popped! I also misted the White Hydrangea with the same gold paint to tone down the color a bit, and give it a slight antique look. 

(Click to enlarge)

Until next time, take care! 
What is your favorite metallic tone?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Beauty -- Floral Arrangement

Welcome back, Spring. Glad you're back!
Today, I'll be sharing with you a recipe for a little arrangement I made for my best friend and her family. Enjoy!

10 Stems Light Pink Gerbera Daisies
 5  Stems Light Peach Spray Roses
 3  Stems Mini Green Hydrangea
 2  Stems Buplerum
 1  Small Vase

1. Fill your vase with water.

2. Start with the 3 Stems of Hydrangea. Using either snips or a floral knife, cut your Hydrangea to the appropriate length to fit your vase. Make sure you cut the ends of your flowers at a 45 degree angle. This is to ensure there is a lot of surface for your flowers to drink water! Place all 3 stems in your vase. These should be kept low in your arrangement. 

3. Add in 4 stems of your Spray Roses in between each Hydrangea. Again, cut each stem at a 45 degree angle and at the appropriate length to best fit the vase you are using. With the last stem of Spray roses, cut this one a little longer and place it directly in the center of the arrangement. 

4. Cut all 10 of your Gerbera Daisies and place them in the arrangement. You can bunch them together or arrange them apart from one another. It's really up to you. Don't throw away the stems though! Keep them and add them into your arrangement for a little extra texture!

5. Place in the Buplerum in random places to fill in the rest of the arrangement. I love Buplerum, it's probably one of my absolutely favorite green to add to an arrangement. Not only does it add texture, it also adds movement in the piece as well! Buplerum will definitely give your arrangement a "Spring Garden" feel!

(Click the images above to enlarge.) For all the flowers, I spent a total of about $24 from my local grocery store (those of you in the mainland could probably get it for much less). You could even break it up into 2 smaller arrangements if you wanted to and they would look equally beautiful!

Until next time, have a flowerful Spring day!

What is your favorite season?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Floral Adventures

I'm back!
(And hopefully it's more frequent this time!)

So first off, let me explain why I've been away lately. (It's actually pretty exciting!) As some of you can tell from my blog posts, I've been really passionate about floral work. For quite some time, it's been a hobby of mine and I've done a few arrangements for friends and family. However, it was never something that I pursued professionally because I was too afraid. It was intimidating because I knew that this is a profession in which experience plays a huge role, and I had no formal experience. To make matters worse, there are no schools in Hawaii that teach floral design so there was no way of getting any experience! 

Anyways, I grew a pair of... you know... and finally put myself out there. I saw a listing for what seemed like a small hole-in-the-wall florist looking for floral assistants. I had to start somewhere. Even assisting a florist would give me a chance to learn more about floral designing and just about the every day atmosphere of working at a florist. Long story, short... I got it! But... this wasn't a small little mom and pop florist..

J'Adore Floral Designs took a chance on me. A chance that I am grateful for and I hope I can do right by them and somehow make them proud. But they aren't your average florist. J'Adore is a floral design company linked to an even larger company called Current Affairs -- an all-inclusive event design company which specializes in large corporate events and weddings. Also attached to this company is yet another company called Event Accents -- this is where you can get all your rentals from! There are a few other branches also attached which I have yet to explore but let's just say, this is not your average florist! 

Since being employed, I've had the honor of being a part of HUGE events for company's like Primerica and Herbal Life, and also few destination weddings at the Aulani Resort. It's definitely an experience and I learn something new every single day! My passion for florals only seems to keep growing with each coming day!

So, I really hope to get back into the groove of blogging again. I love blogging and I hope I can share my experiences with you all. To finish, here are a few photos of my recent adventures for you to enjoy! 

*Disclaimer: Most of these photos have the "@xoaishiteru" watermark on them. This is my watermark, and my screen name on Instagram. Please feel free to follow me if you'd like!

This picture was taken at The Aulani - A Disney Resort in Ko Olina in Oahu. These arrangements we placed on cocktail tables for a small private cocktail event located at the kiddie pool on the property. Ingredients: Green Hypericum, Yellow Oncidium Orchids, Orange Pincushion Protea, Yellow Forsythia and Croton leaves. 

(Click to enlarge) Located on a private estate on Round Top Drive (or as the locals know it, Tantalus), these arrangements were made for a private dinner party. Ingredients: White Hydrangea, Blue Delphinium and two hues of Green Moss Balls. 

(Click to enlarge) These monochromatic centerpieces we set for private dinner party for the Board of Directors of Ward Village located at the IBM building. Ingredients: Yellow Cymbidium Orchids, White Antheriums, White Dendrobium Orchids, and reflexed White Roses. 

(Click to enlarge) These two different place settings were presented to a client as a mock up for a future corporate event. The client ended up choosing the tropical arrangements but because I love succulents, I leaned more towards the modern look! Image 1 Ingredients: Assorted Echeveria Succulents, two different hues of Moss Balls, Scabiosa Pods, Yellow Cymbidium Orchids all sitting on a Bamboo Runner lined with moss. Image 2 Ingredients: Curly Willow, Yellow Mokara Orchids, Red and Pink Torch Ginger, Red and White Antheriums, Yellow Cymbidium Orchids, White Dendrobium Orchids, Heleconia, Monstera leaves and Ti Leaves.

(Click to enlarge) This corporate event at the Hilton Hawaiian Village had a Nautical theme! We made 3 different centerpieces which consisted of White and Blue Hydrangeas, Gold Manzanita Branches and White Roses all adorned with Seashells and Starfish!

These were the entry pieces made for a private annual Auction at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. For table settings, we made arrangements inside of Pineapples! Ingredients: Pineapples, Yellow Cymbidium Orchids, Ti Leaves, Palm Leaves, Heleconia, Bird of Paradise, Red Torch Ginger and White and Red Antheriums.

(Click to enlarge) One of my favorites so far! These arrangements were made for a small destination wedding with only 14 guests at the Aulani resort in Ko Olina. Ingretients: Hot Pink Roses, Orange tulips, Ti Leaves, Yellow Cymbidium Orchids, Green Hydrangea and Orange Ranunculus.

(Click to enlarge) Lastly, the most recent event I was lucky enough to be a part of. Located at Diamond Head Theatre, this beautiful event consisted of many different elements ranging from Farm Tables and Leather Chairs (which can be rented from Event Accents) to Clear Top Tents and Black Antique Cocktail Tables. Ingredients: faux Magnolias, Blooming Magnolia branches, White Cymbidium Orchids, Laua'e Leaves, Magnolia Leaves and Spanish Moss. 

Thanks for taking the time out to read about my adventures so far! Can't wait to work with more flowers and learn everything there is to learn about them! I am beyond excited! Also, I will try to update more frequently when time permits. So check back! 

What is your passion?

Until next time, Take care!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Succulents: Living Succulent Wreath

So as you know, I absolutely love floral design and floral arranging. I love making beautiful arrangements and just working with fresh cut flowers! On the other side of things, I can't keep a garden alive for the life of me. (I know! Terrible, right?) I always bring home random items to start a miniature garden but usually fail miserably leaving my mother to try nursing these poor plants back to life. She, on the other hand, makes things grow.. like crazy! I guess it skips a generation. Anyways, with that said, I've taken a liking to very low maintenance plants. Plants I can accidentally forget about for few days.. or months. Just kidding. (;

Succulents are pretty wonderful, not to mention extremely popular and trendy these days. If you haven't heard of a succulent yet, you're in for a treat! Succulents are very hearty plants, usually because it stores a lot of water in its stems and leaves. They retain this water to endure weathers in arid climates! How perfect is this for someone like me?! Yes! So like many flowers/plants, they come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

In recent days, they've become very popular for their resilience (I guess there are lots of people like me out there!) and because they're very versatile. People are using them for everything these days.. from centerpieces, weddings, party favors, terrariums and home d├ęcor, you're sure to find succulents almost anywhere!

My mother recently asked me to make a living succulent wreath to give to one of her friends for Christmas this year (and yes, it continues to grow and lasts forever if you take care of it). Although I had never worked with them before, I took on the project with open arms! Here's the finished piece. If anyone has any questions or would like a tutorial in the future, let me know! I'll gladly provide one!

Also, as a little announcement, I've decided to dedicate this blog almost entirely to my love of floral design. Don't worry, I'll still try to throw in the occasional giveaway too! In 2014, I am going to be posting at least 1 blog per month.




Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Crafts - Gift Wrapping

Happy Holidays! :)

Christmas is slowly creeping up, and it usually comes up faster than we can all keep up with! This year, vow to get your shopping done early! If not for the sole reason of not stressing, maybe do it so that you can spend more time wrapping your gifts more creatively this year! 

I have a problem, it's quite bad actually. I tend to spend hours and hours looking for the perfect wrapping paper, choosing a theme for my gift wrapping, finding a unique and personal ornament for each gift, finding matching ribbons and additional accessories for each gift! Like I said, I have a problem! This usually takes just as long, if not longer, than actually finding the actual gifts! It's terrible, but extremely unique! Because of this, however, each person gets a very unique and personalized wrapped gift!

I'm not going to do a tutorial on this because each person is different and I think making things person is the most fun part about this. But what I will say is: GET CREATIVE! Here are some things I've done in the past! :) Enjoy! (And please pardon the terrible pictures. Some of these were from a few years ago when I used a crappy 1.3 megapixel camera phone!)

This was in 2009 (I think?) and this was taken before I added on each personal ornament. I wish I had taken a picture after! :( But the theme was red flowers this year, and I added a little bit of a gold flare to each. I took gold star wire garland and cut them into 1ft strips, then wrapped both ends around my finger a couple times so they would be spiraled and attached 2 strips to each gift. At the end of each spiral, I attached a gold bell so that when you hand them their gifts, they jingle! Fun, right?! 

 (2010?) My best friends husband has a Beagle and love Hounds tremendously! Luckily that year, I found this cute, glass Beagle ornament! And even more lucky, I found a Dachshund one too for my best friend, since they're her favorite dogs. (She has 3 of them!)

This year was a little different because I got my best friend different wrapping paper for her gifts. This year, her aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer and she was really worried about her. After hours of searching, I found wrapping paper and ribbon that were both pink and the wrapping paper company donated proceeds from the pink wrapping paper sales to a Breast Cancer Foundation (I can't remember which one though). It was such a lucky find, and I was super happy to have found it. 

Unfortunately, you can't exactly see how unique this gift was. And to tell you the truth, it wasn't entirely my idea. My boyfriend wanted to play a prank on some of our friends this year. Instead of getting conventional gift boxes for our friends, he built wooden crates for their gifts. (Even funnier, this "box" only had a gift certificate in it!) Each wooden crate had screws in the top to seal it. Instead of putting an ornament, we got them Craftsman screwdrivers and attached it to the gift. (I think it may be hiding underneath the bow!) It was a really neat idea because they needed the screwdrivers to open their gift and it was also a part of their gift! That was a really fun way of making these gifts personalized!

There are so many ways to personalize gift wrapping! I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do this year, but I'm sure I'll come up with something :) Over the years, it's pretty much become a tradition of mine! With that said, I'll end this post by asking..

What are some quirky Holiday traditions you have?   

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Floral Arranging III: Thanksgiving DIY Centerpiece

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Again, I'm super excited for the festive months! It really hasn't hit me yet that it's already Thanksgiving in about 2 days! How exciting, right? Well, to celebrate this awesome holiday where we eat a lot of SUPER yummy food, spend time with the ones we love and fall into a tryptophan coma, I've decided to do a fun DIY post for a floral centerpiece that's perfect for this wonderful holiday! 

Here's what the finished product looks like! If you want to learn how to make this, read on! :)

What you'll need:
1 Cornucopia Basket
1 Plastic Liner (Find a size that fits inside your Cornucopia)
5 Floral Picks w/ wire
Raffia Strands
1 Block of Oasis (wet floral foam) 
1 packet of floral food
1 Fall/Autumn Spray Flowers Bouquet (Most supermarkets sell them, I got mine from Safeway)
2 (Different sized) Candles (optional) 



1. Mix 1 packet of Floral Food with Water (amounts as directed) in a large bucket. Float the Oasis (or other brand wet floral foam). The Oasis will eventually sink on its own, do NOT push it down as this will cause air bubbles to form inside the foam. 

2. After letting the floral wet foam soaks for about 10 minutes (10 minutes is the minimum I would leave it in, for optimum usage, I like soaking the block overnight.) Cut the foam with a sharp knife into blocks that will fill the plastic liner. Try to fill the entire liner. 

3. Set the plastic liner (with floral foam) into the cornucopia basket. 

4. Set the cornucopia aside. Form little ribbons out of the raffia and using the wire attached to the floral picks, wrap it aroud the center of the raffia ribbon. Make 5 of these. (You can make more if you want, just remember to make odd amounts!)

5. Arrange the flowers as you see fit! It's fun and exciting to see how everyone's arrangements will differ based on the flowers available at your local supermarkets, and your own personal arranging! To arrange, give your flowers a fresh cut (to the size you like) and stick it directly into the floral foam. Start with larger flowers and work your way to smaller flowers. Most bouquets come with some kind of filler, you can add these into all the spots that seem a tad bit bare. The raffia floral picks should go in last. Add them in random areas but make sure they're spread throughout the arrangement!

6. Place your arrangement in the center of your Thanksgiving table and enjoy! Add the optional candles around the arrangement to set the ambiance! 

That's it! 

  I hope you all liked this Thanksgiving tutorial! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see! Have an amazing and yummy Thanksgiving and a FUN Black Friday! 

What stores will you be shopping at on Black Friday?