Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blogging: A Lifestyle

Hello Lovelies!

Now, I know I am new to this world of blogging but I have spent several days researching it and trying to get a feel for what readers like. I've learned that people generally like people who are real, honest and "exposed." Perhaps it makes reading easier? 

Bloggers put themselves out there. Their lives, family's, pictures, feelings.. EVERYTHING. It's quite amazing that so many of you have the courage to put all this on the internet. I know there are a lot of different blogs out there and I have learned to appreciate each different kind. Everyone, however, has that one thing in common -- courage. 

Courage is something I've always had no problem with.. or so I thought. Until I started blogging for INY, I always thought I was a strong and courageous woman. Boy, was I wrong! When it came to writing my first post, I knew I would have to introduce myself as the human behind the keyboard and let people know that I am in fact just that, human. 

What was I supposed to say? What was too much? Too little? I honestly still don't have those answers but I suppose that's something I'll learn somewhere along the way. Looking back, I left my introduction very vague and I probably wouldn't have had it any other way back then. But, this is now. 

And we get back to the word, "exposed." I noticed something while reading several different blogs. Each person is very exposed. Even if it's just a fashion blog and theyre just sharing pictures of their own personal fashion, they're still exposing themselves and most likely some of their own insecurities in pictures. The same goes for all different kinds of blogs. Everyone is sharing a piece of themselves. 

From there, I've been quite skeptical of the lifestyle that accompanies blogging/bloggers. But, after reading many other blogs, I've decided that I need to get over that. I need to let my readers know that I am real. I am a human. I am me.  

And here I am. Oh, along with my boyfriend, Josh. Who by the way is also an entrepreneur! He is the Owner of a company called JEMS Art Collection and he represents several international artists and wholesales their art to galleries across the nation! I can personally vouch for the pieces he carries, as they are beautiful, unique and breathtaking! I'm almost positive I'll be doing several features for him in the future but we'll get to that eventually!

I will try to make this blog a little more personal so you folks can get to know me, the girl behind INY, a little more personally! To start, I'll leave you all with 5 random facts about myself!

1. I make fashion bracelets, but I am not a bracelet/jewelry person. In fact, Only recently have I even tried to start wearing them!
2. My guy friends constantly tell me "You're not a girl!" because I can carry on a conversation more with men, than women and I do get dirty and wrench with them! 
3. I can understand and speak Korean decently well, but I am not Korean at all!
4. I used to carry my make up in a Craftsman tool box! And I thought it was the coolest make up carrier EVER!
5. I can't concentrate on just one thing at a time. If I need to get 1 thing done, I need to be doing several things at once to get it done! (Example: right now, I am blogging, listening to music, watching TV and talking on the phone. And I keep up with each thing equally.) If i sat in a quiet room and tried to blog, nothing would get done. 

What are 5 random facts about you? 
I'd love to get to know you all!

Until next time,


  1. This is great Marcy! I'm so happy to see that you "get it" right in the beginning and can make a fresh start now. So funny because I don't wear the stuff I sell in my shop and neither do my girls. I have to force them to put the stuff on to take photos for the shop. lol. I know what you mean about needing stuff going on around me to blog. When I finally get peace and quiet which is rare, my mind goes blank.

    5 randoms about me:

    * I do not eat steak and prefer chicken breast or hamburger if it's cooked very well done, it grosses me out. It's a texture thing.

    * I'd rather use a treadmill, or a track to exercise. The distance of walking for 30 min in one direction and turning around and walking back gives me anxiety. I want to avoid it.

    * With the exception of my baby Hayden, my husband and I along with my 5 oldest kids have 2 middle names. One is for a family member and the second is a Hawaiian name. By the time baby came we were all out of names and gave up finding one.

    * I love bags, purses, pouches, and little cute containers way too much. :)

    * I love Hello Kitty and Sanrio.


    1. I also LOVE Hello Kitty! (I sent you an email reply before I realized that there's this reply feature!) I need to get the hang of this blogging thing! :)

    2. Only thing with this reply feature is that if the commentor is not subscribed they will not know you left the comment. They would need to check back to see it. This is why I reply by email to my posts. :)

  2. Awwwwww Marcy you are so so cute! Your post is so personal and charming!!

    5 random facts about me:
    1. I think you're ammmmmmmmmazzzzing
    2. I am suuuper vain and love taking pictures of myself LOL
    3. I like puzzles but till this day I have never finished one :P
    4. I used to have a Chowchow named Chowchow and he ran away.. and then i tried to catch him but i couldnt run fast enough T_T so sad
    5. I want to go to Hawaii and eat SPAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. 1. I also think you're amazing, Sharon! <3
      2. It's okay to be vain if you're beautiful! and you ARE! so flaunt it!
      3. I hope you finish one sometime!
      4. That is so sad! :( I had a rabbit named Rabbie once so we're on the same page with names! ^_^
      5. DO IT! you should definitely visit here sometime! And every supermarket sells Spam here so you're covered! Oh and McDonalds serves Spam for breakfast too! OOH and 711 has Spam Musubi's 24/7 too! ^_^

  3. I was SO happy to win Sandy's giveaway, I love your jewelry! And thank you for entering my giveaway!

    Here are my facts:

    1. I am a SUPER picky eater.
    2. I'm left handed.
    3. I have a very serious nail polish addiction.
    4. My birthday is in less than a month!
    5. I LOVE barbecue sauce!