Friday, August 24, 2012

The 1st INY Giveaway!


Okay, I'll be honest! I'm actually only doing this giveaway for a couple reasons. 

1. I want to test Rafflecopter because I have never used it before and I definitely want to be comfortable using it in the future when I do giveaways (because I'm positive I want to do them as often as possible!)
2. I am extremely new to the blogging community and I currently have 3 (AWESOME) followers but I do want to showcase my items to a crowd! 

The Takara ^

The Gold Himitsu ^

Anyways, I have decided to give away 4 (yes, 4!) of my bracelets! 2 Takara's and 2 Gold Himitsu's in your choice of colors (a $66 value)!! There will be 1 winner to take all 4 bracelets! 

- There is ONE mandatory entry. You MUST complete this entry in order to unlock all the additional entries! 
- This giveaway will run until 9/1/2012 at 12:01am EST.
- ONE winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced here, on Facebook and on Twitter. 
- The winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to confirm their win. If you do not reply within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen! Upon notification, I will also ask for your color choice and wrist measurements. Please have them available. 
- This giveaway is open to residents of the US only. Sorry! (I will have international giveaways someday, keep checking!)
- Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blogging: A Lifestyle

Hello Lovelies!

Now, I know I am new to this world of blogging but I have spent several days researching it and trying to get a feel for what readers like. I've learned that people generally like people who are real, honest and "exposed." Perhaps it makes reading easier? 

Bloggers put themselves out there. Their lives, family's, pictures, feelings.. EVERYTHING. It's quite amazing that so many of you have the courage to put all this on the internet. I know there are a lot of different blogs out there and I have learned to appreciate each different kind. Everyone, however, has that one thing in common -- courage. 

Courage is something I've always had no problem with.. or so I thought. Until I started blogging for INY, I always thought I was a strong and courageous woman. Boy, was I wrong! When it came to writing my first post, I knew I would have to introduce myself as the human behind the keyboard and let people know that I am in fact just that, human. 

What was I supposed to say? What was too much? Too little? I honestly still don't have those answers but I suppose that's something I'll learn somewhere along the way. Looking back, I left my introduction very vague and I probably wouldn't have had it any other way back then. But, this is now. 

And we get back to the word, "exposed." I noticed something while reading several different blogs. Each person is very exposed. Even if it's just a fashion blog and theyre just sharing pictures of their own personal fashion, they're still exposing themselves and most likely some of their own insecurities in pictures. The same goes for all different kinds of blogs. Everyone is sharing a piece of themselves. 

From there, I've been quite skeptical of the lifestyle that accompanies blogging/bloggers. But, after reading many other blogs, I've decided that I need to get over that. I need to let my readers know that I am real. I am a human. I am me.  

And here I am. Oh, along with my boyfriend, Josh. Who by the way is also an entrepreneur! He is the Owner of a company called JEMS Art Collection and he represents several international artists and wholesales their art to galleries across the nation! I can personally vouch for the pieces he carries, as they are beautiful, unique and breathtaking! I'm almost positive I'll be doing several features for him in the future but we'll get to that eventually!

I will try to make this blog a little more personal so you folks can get to know me, the girl behind INY, a little more personally! To start, I'll leave you all with 5 random facts about myself!

1. I make fashion bracelets, but I am not a bracelet/jewelry person. In fact, Only recently have I even tried to start wearing them!
2. My guy friends constantly tell me "You're not a girl!" because I can carry on a conversation more with men, than women and I do get dirty and wrench with them! 
3. I can understand and speak Korean decently well, but I am not Korean at all!
4. I used to carry my make up in a Craftsman tool box! And I thought it was the coolest make up carrier EVER!
5. I can't concentrate on just one thing at a time. If I need to get 1 thing done, I need to be doing several things at once to get it done! (Example: right now, I am blogging, listening to music, watching TV and talking on the phone. And I keep up with each thing equally.) If i sat in a quiet room and tried to blog, nothing would get done. 

What are 5 random facts about you? 
I'd love to get to know you all!

Until next time,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feature: Arm Party Sets

Hello Lovelies! 

(At this beginning point of my blog, I do realize that I hardly have any readers BUT for those of you who happen to read this, I appreciate it!)

I wanted to start off doing a feature post on my Arm Party Sets! These sets have been selling like hot cakes so I must be doing something right, right? I'm so happy the response to these sets have been phenomenal! So much that it's only politically correct that I create a blog post just for them! So, here they are!

These Arm Party Sets come in various colors (and I do make them in additional colors as a special order)! From top-bottom, left-right we have Antique Ivory, Flirty Pink, Surreal Teal, Pastel Mint and Pitch Black! 

Each Arm Party Set consists of 3 popular INY Bracelets! 

-First off, we have the Tamashii 2.0 which is a chunky gold colored aluminum chain with thread (in your choice of color) crocheted directly onto it! The Tamashii is definitely a best seller and a must-have in your arm party collection!
-Secondly, The Gold Pearl Friendship Bracelet is a new addition to the INY collection. It's a modernized braided friendship bracelet which features faux pearls and sparkling rhinestones! 
-Last but not least, the ever-so-popular Gold Himitsu! This is a MUST for stacking and can be used in a lot of other bracelet stacking party's! It features sparkling rhinestones surrounded by brass ball chain, all set on genuine leather cord! 

These sets are already perfectly paired and ready to wear for any occasion, formal or casual! 

Get yours HERE while supplies last! :)

Have a beautiful day and take care!