Tuesday, March 27, 2012

an introduction..


Since this is my first blog entry, I'll start by introducing myself and give you a little insight to who I am. 

My name is Marcy and I am 23 years old. I currently reside in Honolulu, Hawaii where I was also born and raised. I have the most wonderful boyfriend ever! He is my rock, my sounding board.. my everything! I can't imagine a life without him! 

I have very conflicting hobbies. On one side, I love making handmade goodies. There's not one thing I won't consider making someone. As of right now, my Etsy store contains bracelets and headbands but my crafts definitely do not end there! I've been commissioned for several pieces like (but not limited to) stuffed animal bouquets, floral centerpieces, graduation lei's, decoden phone cases, jewelry and amigurumi pieces! The handmade world is exciting and endless! 

On the other side, I also love driving and building cars. (WHAT?!) Yes, I know. I'm a girl but my guy friends often consider me one of the boys because I can be quite the grease monkey and nothing makes me happier than going on a high speed, "spirited" run on a mountain pass. I currently own 2 cars, a 1985 mr2 and a 1987 corolla gt-s. I can't quite express how important this side of my life is even though the crafting is what you'll generally hear about here. 

My goals in life aren't like most others. Like most girls, I'd like to have a huge, whimsical wedding and marry the love of my life. I do not want children but I want to be everyone's favorite aunty. I want to design my own house on the beautiful island of Kauai, a place very dear to me. I would like a huge crafting room and a 3-4 car garage for myself. I intend to collect 4 cars -- a corolla gt-s (check!), an mr2 (check!), a celica all-trac and a MKIV supra -- and daily drive a scion iQ (yes, these are goals). And lastly (most importantly), I want to build a successful Etsy store so I can share my creations with the world!

I am starting this blog to better showcase my items I'll be listing on Etsy. Here, I can go in depth and explain how I came to these creations and what I was thinking/feeling whilst creating them. I look forward to having viewers and getting to know each and every one of you on a personal level!

With that said, now that you know me a little better, please let me know something about yourselves! 

Until the next time we connect, thanks for taking the time out to read my blog! Have a wonderful day and feel free to contact me via any of the following methods!

ETSY - isshounoyakusoku.etsy.com
FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/isshounoyakusoku
TWITTER - @ishounoyakusoku
INSTAGRAM - @xoaishiteru and #isshounoyakusoku
EMAIL - isshounoyakusoku@gmail.com

P.S. Just in case you wondered, isshou no yakusoku is a Japanese phrase which  translates to "promise me forever" or "promise me an eternity."